My ~Promise To You:


I left Eccie because "I" was outed.  I am not banned from that site ....



I am an original P411 member since 2006 (P2542).  I'm guaranteed!  With that being said ....


~Your privacy Is valuable. I will protect your privacy and I would never violate you.  But know (privacy) Is a two way street ..

~SECRECY always.  Never any public postings/displays of my 'Private Abode' of any kind.  You're safe and secure w/me ..


~RESPECT.  Give me 30% and I'll give you 30%.  Give me 100% and I'll give you 110% ..

~Basically, be good to me and I'll be even better to you ..

~I am a pleaser.  You get what you pay for +

~I keep my word.  No sudden surprises ..  


~Remember, you measure up while In my care.  Yes, you're worth It baby !!

~If I make a mistake, I'll own up to It ..  


~You won't find me In any way being reckless on the Internet, ever !!

~Discretion Is everything.  I will not be announcing specific date and times

of private meetings between us on any social media platform as I believe in

privacy and mutual safety.

~I am sane but you might get a lil sassiness from me from time to time ;)  


Onward, lets share a few thoughts together and have some fun !!